Welcome to Foodfiesta

I love cooking and one can always find me experimenting with one recipe or the other. We millennials think that cooking is a very difficult task and can be done only by mastered chefs and moms. But that’s not right. Cooking is very easy. You have to just let yourself free. Try exploring with easy and simple recipes. Initially they may not turn out to be good but don’t worry eventually you will get better. No one learns in a day. While doing so never think of cooking as a task, think it as a way to let go all your tensions and pour all your love in it. The moment to stop making cooking look a humongous job you will find how enjoyable it is.

Here, I am going to share with you easy recipes of tasty indian dishes which you can make with great ease even if you are not a mastered chef. Let me know in the comment section which recipes do you want. Top three will be published in the coming week.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Akash Saha says:

    Corn chaat


  2. Pratik Rout says:

    Acha DahiBara Aloodum banawo kabhi


  3. Shreyal Pallavi says:

    Paneer butter masala. 🤗


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